• Tired of "one size fits all" Sugar Baby advice?

    Transform Your Sugar Baby Life - Not One Year From Now, Not 6 Months From Now, BUT IN AS LITTLE AS 90 DAYS!

  • With my personalized support at every step of the way, your chances of getting success within the Sugar Baby lifestyle are really high.

    Here’s why:

    • Get a personalized playbook customized for YOU, and have ALL your unique Sugar Daddy dating issues and problems tackled.
    • Have me by your side at every step of the way for 90 full days. This means every time you come across a potential man, I’ll tell how to approach him in a way that you attract him with class, without the sleaze.
    • Better yet,  Get your own exclusive audio coaching program that I’ll create and design ESPECIALLY FOR YOU based on your personality, goals and desires Yes, ALL ABOUT YOU – which you can listen to anytime and anywhere you are.
    • Email me after every encounter you have with a Sugar Daddy, and have me break down and analyze that encounter for you to let you know what you did right and wrong and what to do next.

  • I found my sugar daddy...and got financial assistance...

    "Before Taylor I was struggling with knowing what I should be doing. I felt so overwhelmed with everything I needed to do. And I got frustrated with trying to make random advice work for me. With working with her, YES, I found my sugar daddy. YES, I got financial assistance. But most importantly, I gained the focus and perspective shift that I needed. Taylor called me out when I told her I tried everything. Yep, I knew it all (and yet I was seeking help lol). I was in relationships where I wasn’t benefiting. She helped me set up the foundation right from the beginning.


    With Taylor, you’re investing in yourself and she’s invested in your success. AND she’s right alongside of you. You’ll never feel alone and even if it something miniscule she’s there to help you. The best part of the coaching program is that it is individualized and can help you no matter where you are. I received SO much, from individual support than my attempt at finding people to answer my questions to help me. Taylor really goes all in with you, and I will be using the information in all aspects of my life." Tiffany

  • You didn’t get into the Sugar Baby lifestyle to spend hours second guessing your approach and struggling over the perfect messages to attract him


    You’re here because you want to start living the lifestyle, book that exotic vacation and create Instagram-worthy memories for yourself.


    You’re tired of being unsure about what gets your Sugar Daddy ticking and are constantly wondering…

    • How to craft your Sugar Baby story that explains your ‘who’, 'why’, ‘what’ so persuasively that your Sugar Daddy is pulled in like a magnet.
    • How to start a conversation and skip the small talk to come across as someone a Sugar Daddy would love to know more about.
    • How to craft your text messages and conversation scripts that keep you moving from one level to the next and the next.

    Not to mention the frustration of finding the right words when you are in a situation and just cannot seem to connect the right words for that situation.


    Here are a few ways we can work together to help you nail your strategy & game plan:


    Text message me at the very moment you are in a situation and have me talk you through your approach before it happens (like when you are in real-time texting your Sugar Daddy and not sure what to say back, or you are on date and go into the bathroom to text me what to do next).


    Have me analyze your image, and design a style that’s PERFECTLY SUITED FOR YOU to Attract Your Ideal Sugar Daddy! This is akin to building your personal brand that sets you apart on the Sugar dating website.


    Go through a step-by-step transformation of your Sugar Baby Mindset, Inner confidence and hone your persuasion and seduction skills along the way.


    Get email access to me, to get ALL your questions answered. Find me by your side for emergency situations and get help when you need it the most.


    Have me plan your dating approach alongside you.. Yes, I’ll hand-hold you to finding the best places (online and offline) to meet your dream Sugar Daddies without getting stuck in Sugar traps.


    Think about it: It would be like having me by your side as your personal coach for 90 days ensuring your success!

  • You are left with way MORE than you ever could have imagined

    "Taylor is your ace in your pocket! It was the most eye-opening 90 days spent getting to know myself and what I am capable of. Sure, before the program I thought I knew the direction of my life. But I didn't have a plan to make it happen. Like one day you have a great idea but it sits there day after day. Next thing you know a day turns into weeks, weeks turn into months and it’s 2 years later without making any headway. I wanted a change.


    I was so tired of being tired of not getting anywhere. I was unsure of how to make my thoughts a reality, and I got stuck. With all that time I let pass and knowing what I wanted something had to be off, right? That’s when I contacted Taylor. Her coaching isn’t what you think it will be. You won't get out of it what you think you will. And at the end of it, you are left with WAY MORE than you ever could have imagined and that’s in the first month of working with her. I am walking away a changed woman, and that idea I had it’s a reality now." Diana

  • Never Again Feel Uncomfortable About How to Navigate this Lifestyle and Get What YOU WANT

    Think of how much easier it would be to have me coaching you personally every step of the way?


    This is for you if…

    • You’re not afraid or stuck with ‘weird feelings’ about pursuing this lifestyle…you actually WANT TO Upgrade your Lifestyle.
    • You know that you want to be in a better place than where you are, you are driven, you have goals… but you just need some outside perspective, some focus and some mega strategies to make it happen.
    • You know WHERE you want to be and you want STRATEGIES and STEPS that you will follow to get yourself there.
    • You are READY to hit the ground running and Live it Like You Want…or find and fix holes in it to get a BETTER RESULT… or change THE WAY you have been going about this lifestyle because you are tired of pay-per-play encounters.

    Here’s what you get with my 90-Day Commitment to transform your lifestyle, no matter where you are.


    If you’re able to grab one of the slots, here’s what you GET:

    • (6) 30-minute private one-on-one coaching calls with me, where we go deep on what’s holding you back – and we formulate a simple, actionable plan ensuring your success
    • A recording of each of the 6 coaching calls (optional*) that can be downloaded as a mp3… put these together and you will have your own personalized audio playbook that you can listen to anytime, anywhere, forever!
    • A Sugar Baby Game Plan to keep you moving right along – given after each of the one-on-one calls – you will have a guide on what to do and how to do it – because accountability is one of the single biggest keys to taking action and success…
    • Email access to me during the entire 90 days of our coaching– your opportunity to ask me anything, no matter how big/small or challenging your problem seems (and, of course, everything will be kept 100% confidential and I’ll never judge you in any way.
    • After the 90 days, you will have your OWN CUSTOM Playbook on Sugar Daddy dating created specifically for you with me that you can have available for reference and keep fresh in your mind what you’ve learned.
    • I will address all of your individual dating issues, including teaching you how to deal with rejection, how to guide someone in the direction you want them to go, as well as analyze your situations and help you implement in real time.

    This only gets better with bonuses that can take your game to its next level without any directionless hustle


    BONUS ONE: Three 911 Emergency calls: We all know that &#% happens, which is why you have access to three short-notice 15-minute emergency phone calls, so that you can receive help, feedback and answers to your pressing questions right away. Or use the call to gain clarity over an issue you may have.


    BONUS TWO: FREE Membership to Sugar Baby Network & Sugar Lab ($324/year Value)


    This also includes: Strategizing your customized Sugar Baby Game plan so that from Day #1 of our association you know where you’re headed, total support when you desperately need it without judging you, or questioning your choices, and complete accountability so that you hit your Sugar Goals without compromises.


    So, what will this program require of you? All it takes is commitment.

  • I got better results with Taylor than I had in the last year of being on a sugar daddy dating site

    "Before Taylor I felt so overwhelmed with all there is to know. Which site, how to write my profile, how to communicate with a sugar daddy, how to make this relationship work, how to receive gifts – I needed to stop searching for the perfect site and stop learning about each and every thing (because that could last for years) and START DOING. I was caught up in the comparisons of what other sugar babies were doing and what they received. I was envious, OVERWHELMED, and STUCK.


    After speaking with Taylor just from our first call, my sugar addiction is gone! I focused on who I was wanting to attract, tailored my approach around my goals, and shifted my focus to evolving myself. She is a natural at zoning in on why you are here, and gets you out of that box you are stuck in. I got better results with Taylor than I had in the last year of being on a sugar daddy dating site." Naomi

  • I've read tons of books, and never got as far as I did with Taylor

    "I was stuck in information overload! Too many books, and a whole lot of fear. And, I found myself just stuck in frustration. I've refined my focus and I’m back in control. It feels so good to have a direction and a plan. And someone there along with you. It felt right for me from the moment I spoke with Taylor. I highly recommend her to anyone needing that push to start or get going again!" Amanda

  • A Small Price to Pay for a Life Filled with an Exciting, Generous Sugar Daddy

    Just implementing one strategy, approach, or tactic will more than recoup any investment you make with me.

    The cost of this one-on-one personalized coaching is $1997


    At $22 per day you get EVERYTHING including the 6 one-on-one calls, email access to me, and the personalized audio recording and your Sugar Baby Playbook to assist you within your situations you encounter.


    You also get the two FREE BONUSES – (3) Emergency 911 Calls, and Free Membership to the Sugar Baby Network & Sugar Lab.


    You can also upgrade our coaching to include unlimited text messaging during the entire 90-day period. This is like having me standing right next to you giving you advice WHENEVER YOU NEED IT and about whatever is happening in the moment.


    The upgraded coaching is $2,497


    Installments Plans Available*


    I will work with you to ensure your success. I am invested in you, as you are with me.


    And you have options. Do you have PayPal*? You could invest now and pay later with PayPal’s “No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months.”


    Ready to leave trials and errors behind for REAL Breakthrough and Sugar Baby success?


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    Here’s a question for you:


    What’s the monthly allowance you’re hoping to get from your Sugar Daddy?


    Is it $1k? $2k? $3k? Or more?


    Put a number to it and that’s your goal.


    I can work with you to ensure your success within 90 days. This means, the goal will be yours, and the strategy & plan will be mine.


    I work with Sugar Babies through my Breakthrough coaching package- in a very goal-oriented & result-biased manner. The Sugar Babies I’ve worked with have been able to meet their goals and easily making many times over what they invested.


    Because when you have the right strategies, tools, and processes, and support system— you will recover many times over your investment.

    So if you are serious about your growth and are NOT okay with wasting time.




  • My only one regret, I should have contacted her sooner

    "If you want to know how to get a Sugar Daddy. Taylor is the person you need. She opened my eyes and showed me a new way to approach this lifestyle and how to talk to my Sugar Daddies to get what I want and it works. My only one regret, I should have contacted her sooner.” Julie

  • I finally got him to provide a continuous monetary support with Taylor’s help!

    "Taylor’s plan was beyond priceless for me and it paid off! My current sugar daddy (boyfriend) that I have been with for almost a year has been good to me. But he never gave me anything consistently, well he only gave me what he wanted to give me and he paid my bills. One of my biggest A-HA’s was around my positioning that she pointed out.


    With a few adjustments and coming up with different approaches from her suggestions, I realized that I never asked him for anything and I just took. I didn’t know how to ask without feeling like he would leave, and so I didn’t. My relationship was off track – AND I felt an instant burst of inspiration to have a game plan to get it on track. In just one week with Taylor (after one year of my relationship), I finally got him to provide a continuous monetary support with Taylor’s help!" Denise

  • What should you do next?

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    You can spend the next 90-Days reading random blog posts and watching YouTube videos, gawking over images of what other Sugars have or are boasting about.


    Or we can work together to get you RESULTS.


    It is not something that might work...It WILL work!

    This next option you decide will be your Sugar Baby Game-Changer…Go ahead, and click here & APPLY!

    Wouldn’t it be great to transform yourself into the kind of woman who can nurture relationships to your advantage?


    Would that be life changing in itself? How much is that worth to you? To live the life, you envision.


    I’m sure it would be priceless and worth striving for. Many of my Sugar Baby clients tell me that what I teach them has benefited the rest of their life and career ambitions beyond their Sugar relationships.


    Just implementing one strategy will more than recoup any investment you make with me.


    You’ll go from feeling like you’re watching other Sugar Baby’s on the sidelines living the lifestyle you want to live, to feeling confident in your ability to attract Sugar Daddy's on demand and getting what you want every time.


    If you’re truly serious about getting your Sugar Baby Life handled, then I urge you to apply right now.

  • If you don’t do it, you’ve missed out on a huge opportunity.

    “The fact is I would have never gotten on the right track navigating this lifestyle the way that I was going to go about it without Taylor’s help. She got me focused on the direction that changed my life. If you are thinking about working with Taylor, this is what I’d say to you: I’d say you’d be in very good, capable hands. She knows her stuff really well. She’s very bright and quick thinking. You’ll feel like you’re on a magic carpet when you’re with Taylor. And on top of just her know-how, she’s got a big and beautiful heart that cares about you, that cares about you living your lifestyle. So I would say jump on the carpet and enjoy the ride! It’s going to change your life. It’s going to make all the difference in your lifestyle. If you don’t do it, you’ve missed out on a huge opportunity. It made all the difference in who I am today.” Charlene